Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Paraspeckles, 20 Years in the Making

Paraspeckles are tiny dots located in the nucleus of mammalian cells. When stained, and looked at under a microscope, they have the colors in this quilt.

 In the life cycle of the Polyoma Virus an RNA molecule is made in the beginning of the life cycle called an early leader.
 At late in infection, it's called a late leader.
When DNA is stained with a chemical called Ethidium Bromide, and spun overnight in a centrifuge,
it separates into bands which glow under UV lighting, which are removed with a needle.
E. coli bacteria are grown in a 2 liter flask.
The rna goes around and around and around the genome, sometimes up to 18 times!
 A transcription bubble. This is where the DNA separates, and RNA is made.
 Sense of size

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