Thursday, October 30, 2014

Eleanor, or Spumoni After Dark

The darkest blocks are a rich chocolate brown, the red, cranberry. I really need a new camera

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This quilt is modeled after a mosaic at Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green, in New Haven, CT. "After much research and long debate, it appears that the current Trinity Church on the Green, New Haven, by almost a decade, is indeed the first Gothic Style Church in America.1 — what the Trinity building committee in 1812 called the “Gothic Stile” and  Bishop Jarvis in 1814 called the “Gothick” style—an architectural movement that spawned an American Gothic Style architectural movement called variously “Gothic Survival”, “Gothic Revival” or “neo-Gothic” style.  It led to the building of at least 1,821 historic neo-Gothic churches in America in a similar style, Carpenter Gothic houses and small churches, Collegiate Gothic campus buildings, interior decorations, ironwork, and bridges culminating in the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883.  It was built prior to the earliest Gothic Revival Style churches in Canada as well (New Haven had a thriving trade with Canada from its early days on though the 1800s), making it the first Gothic-Revival building in North America." ~ from the website,

This mosaic is in the center of the nave, between the choir stalls, in front of the altar, and above the steps that descend to the rest of the church.

It took 5 different quilt shops to find the colors of fabric needed to match the colors in the mosaic.

1943 pieces, 60 hours, a labor of love.