Sunday, July 21, 2019

Block Of The Day

In March, I was bored. I didn't have an order, but I wanted to play with my fabrics, and patterns kept appearing in my mind, sometimes at the most inapropriate times! Driving, showering, work meetings.... I had to get them out of my mind, and down in fabric.

So I took out the fabric, and got to work. 

This one is beaded, appliqued, on dark blue satin.

This one reminds me of the paintings of
Mark Rothko.

Cabin in the woods.


This one is like 4 little change purses.

Some of them have velvet.

This one has a blue bead added in the center of each medallion.

After 90 blocks are made, I decide to give them window panes. 
Like this. 

Next, laying them all out, and putting them all together into a coherent whole. 

And the quilting begins.